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Terms and Conditions / Terms of Driver Training


Dear driver training participant,

We are pleased that you have chosen to train with us and hope to provide you with a fun session and improve your track driving. 

We do not want any accidents!

Please note the driver training on track is not like a sightseeing tour along the promenade at Nice. Despite taking all safety precautions there is always a certain risk involved. We aim to minimise this risk as far as possible but we can never exclude it totally. This requires disciplined training. Please read the "Conditions of the driver training with Oliver Grams" carefully. You need to accept these and complete the booking form to take part in the training with us:

Conditions of the drivers training with Oliver Grams at the race track

StVO and StVZO: 

At the race track the same rules and regulations take place than on all other public roads in Germany. The user conditions of the track owner company displayed at each track are binding for all parties driving there! Cars with temporary number plates will not be permitted! 


All training participants are driving at there own risk at the race track. Under no circumstances the instructor can be made responsible for accidents caused by or involving the training participants vehicle or driver. Participants from other countries than Germany have to carry the appropriate green card insurance for their car insurance. The instructor will endeavour to give you best advice in every situation, but he cannot be held responsible for any errors in his advice as these instructions are not binding for the participant. In case the participant wants the instructor to drive his / her car for a lap, the instructor cannot be made responsible for any accidents. In the case of an accident the participant omits any requirements against the organizer.


The participants shall choose the speed themselves. It should be a speed where they feel well! The instructor will not animate the driver to drive faster. He has only an advising function.


For his advising function the instructor gets a fee according to the price list being offered to the participant in advance. A pre payment of € 200,-- has to be paid by cheque or through transfer to the bankers account of Oliver Grams which is:

Sparkasse Bremen

Am Brill 1-3

D-28195 Bremen


Account No. 1817 7261

Costs of accommodation will not be included. This appeals also to the car costs of the training participant. The instructor joins the training participant at his co-drivers seat. The fee for usage of the racetrack charged by the track owner company who is running the track is not included! 

Close down of the track:

The instructor cannot be made responsible for any unscheduled close downs or interruptions of the usage of the track due to accidents etc. This has no effect on the training fee that has to be paid by the participant. Also bad weather is no reason to resign from the training. The speed has to be reduced accordingly if the weather conditions are bad. 

Exclusion of a participant through the track owner company:


In case a training participant will be excluded from the usage of the track through the track owner company due to bad behaviour or an unsafe vehicle the instructor cannot be made responsible for that. In this case no refund will be paid from the instructors fee! The same appeals if a participant stops the training before the official end.


A break of min. 15 minutes should be made at least after every run.


Also a group of up to 6 cars can take part in the training. The instructor will change the car after every lap. The instructors car will drive in front, all others shall follow. In case you are a bigger group I can engage another instructor for the training.

Dates: The scheduled appointment for the training is binding for both sides. In case important reasons make the participation impossible the appointment can be cancelled latest two weeks before the training starts. In this case the pre payment will be refunded. If the cancellation comes after that date it will not be refunded. In case the instructor has to cancel the training due to an important reason he has to refund the pre paid amount. 

Online Booking: For all online booked trainings and vouchers there is a legal cancellation period of 14 days counted from ordering date. In the event of cancellation we keep 5% of the amount as a transaction fee.

Technical conditions of your car:

Please make sure that your car is in top condition for the training. Especially tires, brakes, shock absorbers must be working absolutely correct. For the training you must rely on your car 100%! Please make sure your noise emission of your exhaust pipe is not more than 95 db(A). Otherwise the track owner may exclude your from using the track. Helmet: It is advisable to wear a helmet, especially when you go there on high speed. But: This is optional! I have one extra helmet I can borrow you if you want.

The above-mentioned conditions will be accepted with the booking form.